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Hi!  I'm Mark Reeves.  I am your local listing expert...  having collectively sold over 500 properties, that experience has given me the confidence to know I can sell your property too.

Many of my clients come to me fearing that I'll simply put a sign in the yard and list your home in MLS, hoping my phone will ring.  I don't do that!  Hope is not a marketing plan.


Selling homes for my clients is my only focus and my full-time job. 


I have been in real estate full-time locally since 2006 and also graduated from the Realtor Institute (GRI) in an effort to gain the highest level of education that a REALTOR can.  I have also earned my Brokers License. 


I have been crafting my marketing plan since 2006 ensuring that I am employing the most powerful tools to expose your property to the most Buyers in the marketplace. 

Goal #1 is to drive Buyers to your property allowing me to show them the best value-add features that will ultimately garner the highest market value for your property. 


Goal #2 is to negotiate strongly on your behalf, as if it were my own money.  My list to sale price ratio is my negotiation benchmark and more importantly, my reputation.  I guard it fiercely. 


Ask me about my numbers and you will see why having an experienced negotiator working on your behalf equates to real money in your pocket! 


Uniquely, I feel strongly about keeping my listing inventory low... Focusing on a small portfolio of clients is the only way to provide the service you deserve and ultimately meet your goals of selling. 


You hire me and you will always get me. 


Let's connect so I can show you more about what I can do for you and what has helped keep the North Georgia Mountain Duo in the top position in the industry for so many years!  

Elevating Seller Services up a Knot

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