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Some clients have asked why we directly link our site to Zillow for property searching.  While we do have the capabilities to create a search feature that directly pulls current listings from our area MLS, Zillow actually pulls from more than just our local MLS system -  which makes it a more robust search and gives you the most comprehensive search available. 


We also like many of the features that Zillow provides such as mapping, Agent Reviews and the property alert feature.  While the data may not always be as current and accurate as we would like, we are always here to research any property that you find interesting. 


For our sellers, Zillow is just one of the hundreds of sites that we market your property on but we know that the majority of consumers are using Zillow for their real estate searches.

So we figured, why spend time and money re-inventing the wheel when there is a REALLY GREAT tool out there already that we know consumers are already engaged with. 

Click here to read our reviews, and search until your hearts content!

Welcome to the Mountains, may we show you around?

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